The Mother of All Fear-Based Political Advertisements

Alright, I am ready to get off my ”kids and fear in political advertising” kick, but thought I should end by sharing the famous daisy commercial.

Take a look at the classic  “vote for me or your kids might be in danger” ad.   The almost unbearable irony of watching this now is the realization that the candidate in this ad who in 1964 was promising to keep kids like me safe, President Lyndon Johnson, proceeded to escalate a war in Viet Nam that killed thousands upon thousands of those same kids.  

Truth in advertising: Barack Obama is my candidate. But I know that some of you who see this blog are my students and it is important to me that you feel free to make your own political choices.

But neither did it seem to make much sense to hide my choice.

3 thoughts on “The Mother of All Fear-Based Political Advertisements

  1. By the way, this quote is attributed to Edwin Edwards, former Governor of Louisiana, a guy who took corruption to almost unimaginable lengths.

  2. Dear Anonymous:

    Just thought of something: It’s a funny quote, and I think very accurate in its appraisal of the homophobia that is still a big factor in electoral politics.

    But the political life of Edwards points to something else. Sex scandals might bring down politicians, perhaps fatally, in terms of public opinion. They may even lose an election. Or — in the case of a male politician — they may be let off the hook by the persistent and atrocious sexist notion that boys will be boys.

    But the coup de grace usually comes when boys will be thieves. Edwards is seving a 10 year prison sentence for federal racketeering charges.

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