I’m Having Chest Pains


Governor Spitzer has resigned. Necessary. Inevitable. Sad.

But I really may not survive all the lemmings now swarming all over  cable news — the teletherapists, the experts, the columnists, the whole  pseudoexpertocracy — who have already started providing detailed remedies for the saving the Spitzer marriage and  for what he should say to his children.

These “crisis-vultures” — armed with glib instant analyses — never cease to amaze. One person’s and one state’s tragedy becomes someone else’s shameless career opportunity.

3 thoughts on “I’m Having Chest Pains

  1. My favorite instant analysis was the one offered on yesterday’s Today Show by “anthropologist Helen Fisher, who, while laudably rejecting the notion that Spitzer’s transgressions were anyone’s fault but his own, nevertheless added: “All you have to do is look at Eliot Spitzer. He has a high cheekbone and low brow ridges. Those are signs of very high testosterone.”

    source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/03/11/dr-laura-blames-spitzer_n_90994.html

  2. This immediately becomes my new all-time favorite example of dumb, long-distance, pseudoexpertise. She is looking at his cheek bones and brow levels and measuring testosterone levels?

    Why not look at his ears and measure his cholesterol?

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