More on Pseudoexperts, Teletherapists, and Lemmings

I wanted to thank the folks at Broadcast Newsroom’s portal for picking up my post on the phony teletherapists  and self-help vultures who are already hard at the ethically dubious task of solving Eliot Spitzer’s marital problems by long distance.

They have a “Volume Control” column that pulls comments about broadcasting issues and controversies from the blogosphere. It’s worth a look.

And while you are at it, check out one of the worst offenders, who from the comfort of The Today Show studio — without meeting with or treating any of the involved parties — blames Mrs. Spitzer for Mr. Spitzer’s acts.

Using unethical, long-distance teletherapy for publicity is one thing. I just wonder how supposed professionals — however dubious their credentials — sleep at night knowing they made diagnostic and prescriptve statements about real, hurting people using news reports.

I remember something I wrote when I started this blog:

“….sometimes people seem to forget that …….they are addressing other people with their own deeply-felt feelings, fears and vulnerabilities. Staying aware of our basic humanness in a disembodied digital age is no small challenge when your adversary might be a continent way. We have relationships with people we never see.   But it is imperative, lest we gain our Blackberries only to lose our hearts and souls.”

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