Music #2: Two Favorites by the Boys from Liverpool

After a day filled with serious news and other gravitas, I’m almost always looking to come down with music.  And I never have even the slightest idea where I will end up. Ave Maria is just as likely as Cream. Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto has as good a chance as Skeeter Davis.

Well here is where I went tonight. These are two of my favorite songs by the boys, “You Can’t Do That” and “It Won’t Be Long.” 

And yes, I did see them in concert in the summer of 1965, thanks my Mom, who surprized my sister and I with tickets when I got out of the hospital after having my tonsils removed.

I still have the stub and the program from that night. They played from a stage that covered second base.


1 thought on “Music #2: Two Favorites by the Boys from Liverpool

  1. YouTube never ceases to amaze me! Jewels like the rare Beatles clips that you posted we would have never seen again, once they aired on our old, analog TVs! Keep digging for more gold!

    Also, scan and post the stub and program from the Hollywood Bowl concert. I’d love to see them, because unlike you, I missed the concert!

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