I’m in a Panic: The Wire Really is Over




I woke up in a panic this morning.


You know all that hype last spring about the end of HBO’s The Wire?


It was real.


It’s over.


The characters are gone.


Omar, Rawls, Bunk, Rhonda, Valchek, Beadie, Jimmy, Carver, Herc, Kima, Daniels, Freamon, Prop Joe, Marlo, Stringer Bell, Butchie, Brother Mouzone, Avon, Cutty, Levy, Bubbs, Snoop, D’Angelo, Tommy, Mayor Royce, Clay Davis, Frank Sobotka, The Greek, Namond, Michael, Randy, Prez, Bunny Colvin, Duquan.




This is horrible.


Where do characters go? 

4 thoughts on “I’m in a Panic: The Wire Really is Over

  1. I have never even remotely mourned the end of characters as much as I am mourning now. The closest thing I recall was when I finished Great Expectations.

    The characters in great fiction often live for me, but no television characters have ever been as alive to me as those on The Wire.

  2. So funny to read this post because I remember when I was in your class you had just started watching the first season and I guess you were behind. You were so nervous people were going to give it away! Anyway I’m very sorry your show has ended. I wasn’t a Wire watcher but I was of course a Sex & the City fan and I remember the feelings of loss I had once it ended! So sad!

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