An Answer from Home Depot I Really Appreciate: In Fact, I am Going to Buy Some Mulch, Batteries, and a Wrench Right Now

 I’m satisfied.

As I suspected, my favorite home supply store — Home Depot —  did have some ads on Michael Savage’s show of which they were unaware. And Home Depot’s connection to the show is over. I just got this gracious and straightforward response from Sarah at Home Depot’s corporate communications department:

Hi Steve – Sarah here again. Yes, we have since learned that a couple stations ran our ads by accident in time slots we did not authorize. Our customers have done a great job keeping us informed where they heard them run, right now we’re aware of NYC and Detroit. If you or your readers hear our ad during this program on any other station/city, please let me know. Also, I provided an email address where I could be contacted before, perhaps you did not get it? I’ll include it right in my message this time.

Thanks, Sarah. And thanks, Home Depot.

I appreciate this. I really do.

I rarely fume as ferociously as I have about Michael Savage’s comments. And I do support a boycott of current Savage advertisers who do not sever their relationship.

But I am not a jerk. And part of any boycott, or possible boycott, is to show gratitude to any entity that acts in good faith. And not only is Home Depot off my list, but I am going over to the really well-managed Home Depot #6903 right now for some mulch, batteries,  and a wrench.

And just a word to Home Depot that I hope will not sound arrogant: You lost almost two valuable days in a crowded and messy and fast-moving media environment during which you could have quickly confirmed facts, fessed up to any unintended errors, set up a toll-free number for questions, and clearly stated your revulsion at Savage’s remarks.

But I have to go: So help me, I love to buy tools and garden supplies. Not that I always come home and actually use them!

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