Smacked in the Head By a Surfboard: I’m Taking a Break for the Weekend

Enough serious stuff.

Let me get this over with: Yes I grew up in Southern California. Yes I loved the Beach Boys. And yes,  I was a serious skateboarder until my freshman year of high school.

I also surfed. Once. I stood up on the board once. Briefly.

Then it came out of the waves like a torpedo and hit me in the head. No more surfing.

But here are the Beach Boys with Surfin’ USA.   A rip-off of Chuck Berry’s Sweet Little Sixteen. But an anthem even to a wannabe who could only claim one smack in the head. Truly the essence of cool in 1963 Southern California.

Did you know that we skateboarders also had an anthem?  It was called Sidewalk Surfin’ by Jan and Dean. Any of my incoming students this fall are welcome to ask to see the scar on my left forearm from a truly  nasty fall on my friend Ricky’s long, smooth, concrete driveway.

 Jan and Dean

Back next week.

1 thought on “Smacked in the Head By a Surfboard: I’m Taking a Break for the Weekend

  1. I am the parent of a beautiful son who suffered a surfing accident. Your cavalier remarks “hit me in the head” and “smack in the head” are distressing and hurtful. Please choose your words more wisely.

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