Governor Sarah Palin Interviewed by Katie Couric

While some partisans might fairly consider me overly cautious, my tendency is to not immediately jump into all sorts of controversies. I prefer to wait and watch as they play out. I have enough experience with news coverage and the public arena to know that — even in several days — what looked certain might not end up being certain at all.

This is especially the case with public figures. I like to see what they say and how they handle themselves before I jump in with an expert opinion that turns out to be anything but expert, or even correct.

I try to be fair. I like to be judicious. Maybe I remember times when I felt I was judged prematurely and unfairly. I simply am not comfortable being part of any initial attack-pack.

So I have waited on Governor Palin.

Until today.

I just saw the video below. Watch it and decide for yourself.  Watch it closely. Think about it. Replay it.

I am quite serious: For the first time in a long time, I have really been stunned into silence. 

3 thoughts on “Governor Sarah Palin Interviewed by Katie Couric


    NEWSWIRE–A CNN host says the McCain campaign’s decision to shield Sarah Palin from the media is sexist.

    “She’s a bird of a whole different feather,” they whoop,
    “With her plumage and pluck, we’ll prevail.”
    Yet the vultures and hawks and the doves in the coop
    Have her pigeonholed more as a Quayle.
    Light verse, ripped from the headlines

  2. I did want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I honestly am shocked on how very little this woman knows of anything. I just don’t get any of it.

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