Read Only If You Have Seen Michael Clayton!

Quick question:

I loved Michael Clayton.

But does anyone agree with me that the otherwise extraordinary screenplay might have slipped into implausibility with the murder and car bombing sub-plot?

Maybe I am the naive one. It just seemed to cross the line into ever-so-slight nuttiness.

1 thought on “Read Only If You Have Seen Michael Clayton!

  1. Well, it depends on how plausible you find it that when a company is threatened by decreasing profits, will they resort to murder?

    I don’t know if I ever mentioned this in class (I might have) but a friend was taking part in anti-Coca Cola protests in Africa when he came back to his apartment and checked his email, to find a mysterious note sent from a coca-cola related address with an attachment. That attachment was a picture of the man’s desk. Spooky stuff- who’s to say if he pushed it farther that coca Cola, of all people, wouldn’t put him down?

    That all sounds very urban legendy, I realize.

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