Friedrich Hans Ulrich Mühe: An Actor Who Needed Only One Tear



Friedrich Hans Ulrich Mühe  (Ulrich Mühe)  will always be one of my favorite actors. His performance in Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s Das Leben der Anderen  The Lives of Others  (2006)   is masterful. I have rarely seen a film peformance in which a character’s small exterior gestures  and ticks so  subtly and perfectly hint at  a turbulent, anguished interior.   One tear dripping down Mühe’s  cheek was almost impossibly painful to watch. 

Mühe  died in 2007.

He should be remembered.

5 thoughts on “Friedrich Hans Ulrich Mühe: An Actor Who Needed Only One Tear

  1. Paul: I can’t disagree. And I don’t use the “best” word very often.

    But you and I agree completely.

    I have seen thousands of films. And there is only one performance that, simply when I think about it, gets me weepy.

    Like right now.

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