What’s Up With Mose Wright?


I am curious. 

Several months ago, I posted a piece about an extraordinary man who I have always felt was one of the least known and least celebrated heroes of the civil rights movement.

Mose Wright was Emmett Till’s uncle. At great personal danger, Mr. Wright testified twice against those who we now know murdered Emmett Till.

What is baffling to  me is why so many people have continued to read that post on my site  every day. It’s great that there is interest in Mr. Wright.  But I thought maybe someone could help me figure out why so many people want to read this story.  

I really am thrilled that so many people are interested.

5 thoughts on “What’s Up With Mose Wright?

  1. I’m just puzzled by the fact that this kid was murdered for whisteling @ a women and he was only 14. Also, I am born and raised in Mississippi and to be 4rm mississippi and go see the place where all this started from feels weird because I just can’t get over the fact a grown man would do such things to a child and I’m ashamed to tell people that I’m from mississippi because people sometimes tell me that I’m from a state where black are considered to be more like animals instead of human because we are violent but we are not the violent ones, we are the ones who’s tryna stay alive n keep peace but its racist people like Emmett’s murderers that makes life a living hell when you’re a black boy growing up in Mississippi. I also want to say dat Till’s family is very brave and strong and the state of mississippi should at least make a world wide public apology to his family, after all that’s what Mrs. Mammie Till wanted before she left to join her son in peace.

  2. I read it because I share your sentiments! Moses is my grandfather who passed when I was a baby. I always read articles about him because I feel that he exemplified a strong family man. His values subsequently passed down to all of his children.

      • Hi Tinu

        I assume you mean that the great Mose Wright was the grandfather of the commenter below. I hope I didn’t give the impression that he was my grandfather. But I’d sure be proud to have him as a grandfather! Really one of my heroes~!

  3. Mose Wright stood up in a Mississippi courtroom, in front of a white judge and jury, and picked out the two men who killed Emmett Till. This was an act of historical significance. What bravery for a black man in those days. He was risking his life and the life of his family when he made this accusation. I think that people want to hear more about this history, these Mississippi stories. They are still not taught in most classrooms about what really happened in the early years of the modern civil rights movement, so when they hear about Mose Wright and his powerful accusation, they realize they want to hear more.

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