What is BREAKING News?

This morning, I received the following news bulletin from Fox News. I subscribe to the breaking news alerts of every major network. Fox was the only network that sent this alert:


Now, take a look at this story from today’s Chicago Sun-Times. It’s not that the Fox bulletin was blatantly inaccurate,   but it certainly was very  misleading.  Shouldn’t the term “breaking news” be reserved for urgent events that are in the process of taking place?

5 thoughts on “What is BREAKING News?

  1. Not breaking news at all. Yet despite seeing Fox push a constant stream of irrelevant stories such as Biden’s “outrageous social gaffe” (see Biden temporarily forgetting a web address only to remember it after a moments pause) as important “breaking” news, many people still consider it the only real “patriotic” news org. Apparently being obnoxious and sensational is considered patriotic these days.

  2. But it did get you to check out the site thus flooding you with more ads. Cheap way to advertise if you ask me.

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