So She’s Testy!

So now Judge Sotomayor’s “testy side” will be a talking point in the effort to derail her nomination.

Testy, huh?

What a pathetic strategy! Justice Scalia acts with astounding immaturity in public , at one point making an obscene gesture at a reporter, and it is largely laughed off.

Yet now, when a woman is reported to be possibly testy,  all the big boys are running home to mommy because she might be mean to them.

If you have a problems with one of Judge Sotomayor’s opinions, speak up.  Put her feet to the fire.

But to bring up issues like testiness and demeanor, after decades in which the “boys will be boys” rule basically excused any nonsense a man wanted to pull,  beytrays the deep insecurity of men who still are terrified by the thought of an angry woman.

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