No Jugular Here

Just one more thing about Mark Sanford.

By his own admission, he betrayed the trust of almost anyone who meant anything to him.

His acts crossed the line from private behavior to public performance in office, rendering him unsuitable to be Governor of South Carolina.

But I simply can’t revel in this misfortune. I recognize that some people  — good journalists — do have to be immersed in all the sleaze to serve the public’s need to know. I don’t.

Now we have the letters between Sanford and his paramour. And most of what I see — beneath the contemptible conduct — is an incredibly frail and flawed human being.

I just can’t work up the glee and sarcasm that is flooding the news this morning.

I think this is the guy to whom I’ll give the final  word.

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.

– John 8:7

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