Quentin Tarantino Ignites Bloody Battle of the Critics


I am usually pretty detached from the world of mainstream blockbuster films.   I simply find more pleasure in docs and indies.

But something unusual  is going on in the mega-film world that is really worth watching, a riveting case study in film marketing and  the dynamics of public opinion.

Quentin Tarantino’s film “Inglorious Basterds” has received some of the most mixed reviews I have ever seen. Ever.

And by “mixed” I mean that serious critics seem to have situated themnselves on both ends of a continuum that ranges from superb,  possible- masterpiece to complete and total piece of garbage.

I bring this up as a case for students to watch closely, especially this coming weekend.  The film’s first weekend box office of $37 million was stellar. Brad Pitt can do that for you on weekend #1.

Now, though, word of mouth will kick in and this coming weekend will be very revealing about how the larger audience has received the film. I am  really curious.

I’ll definitely see it.

Principle #243 in my unwritten, imaginary, self-absorbed and nonsensical book of rules for living requires that I go:

“Anyone writing a screenplay approaching, reaching or surpassing the quality of Pulp Fiction earns in perpetuity the right to have every film they ever make seen, regardless of reviews or word of mouth.”

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