The Guts To Be Proudly and Openly Nutty

And we thought that fairness, open-mindedness, civility, respect and plain decency were in decline.

How could we have been so blind?

Especially when we have these parents in Texas taking such a courageous stand against the immorality and decadence and socialism of the Obama administration.

I mean, this takes guts. 

The rest of us may sit here, paralyzed by cowardly fairness and respect for the presidency,  constrained by old-fashioned values like civility and decency.  But here’s a group of gutsy people apparently feeling no such constraints; proud to trumpet their astounding lack of even the most minimal decency.

The scariest thing is that they almost certainly have no idea how relentlessly foolish they look,  these self-proclaimed “values-voters”  busy imparting  “values” to their kids.

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