The Little Known “Sheila-Rule” of Popular Music

I may be dating myself , but the “Sheila Rule” is a little known principle that has guided record producers since the mid-1950s.

The rule states that, when all else fails for a recording artist or producer, record any song with a title including the name Sheila. It  will be successful solely because Sheilas are inherently and magically  charming .

Here is something interesting. Tommy Roe had an early 60s mega-hit with the song Pretty Sheila. But several years before, in 1957 I think,  he recorded a stripped-down , garage-version of the same song for Judd records that I just found after searching for quite a while.  Notice how Judd Records mispelled the name Sheila as Shelia.

Enjoy and all hail the “Sheila Rule.”

Ok,  I confess. Sheila was my first love. I was 11.

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