A Subway, A Young Photographer, and a Stabbing

What a story.

Take a look at the kind of photographs that were taken by a young photographer  in the midst of  a frenzy of sudden violence on a subway.  This will occur more and more in an  era when most of us carry around some sort of camera device.

These spontaneous pictures, with all the frenzy and fear they depict, are an unusual window into the precise, confused  moment when panic strikes in a public place.

5 thoughts on “A Subway, A Young Photographer, and a Stabbing

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  2. The incidence of cell phone cameras being used in subways is highlighted now because of the incident in Oakland last year. In the BART subway system, a person used her cell phone to record the apparent murder by a police officer of a person not even resisting arrest. The video served as evidence in the trial of the policeman. Although the final verdict (made last week) was only involuntary manslaughter, without the evidence of the cell phone video, that policeman may never have even been charged.

  3. Its years later yes and I am cassandra sister and Dwight niece and til this day I cannot get over the fact that you guys would post all of these photos online not thinking about his family! Please email me all photos!

    • To Cassandra and Family:

      I’m not sure if you saw what I wrote when you first contacted me in 2009. I agreed with your concern completely and explained that I neither had any photos nor published any on my blog. Please read what I wrote to Cassandra:


      I did include a link to the New York Times story written about the case. This is what I wrote to you at the time and, again, want you to know how very bad I still feel about Dwight’s passing.

      The photographer who took those photos is the person you should contact. I do not know who he or she is.

      Wishing you and your family all good things.

      Steve Gorelick

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