The Tiger Woods Brand/Franchise

One of my undergraduate classes, Myths and Images in Mass Media, regularly explores the complex and extremely valuable structure of licensing, endorsements, tie-ins, and ancillary rights that can be built around some celebrities.  At the same time that  the celebrity’s image is created, nurtured, and protected,  deal after deal is negotiated to exploit that image and profit from it.   

This doesn’t require sainthood. There are celebrities cashing in whose carefully crafted and valuable image  includes everything from outlaw to oddball. All that is required is that the celebrity outlaw or oddball have influence with some demographic group that a commercial interest would like to reach and exploit. 

There are even a whole group of serious celebrity earners whose images are shaped and reshaped and exploited long after their absolutely  final and irrevocable retirement, if you get my drift.  In other words, Humphrey Bogart still does commercials.

Which of course leads to Tiger. Not much to say yet, but this will really be something to watch. How much will his personal problems tarnish the brand and how much of a price will he pay? Might we be on the verge of watching the ultimate case of celebrity brand fragility? Could his problems really bring down a brand this valuable?

Watch closely.   There will be a lot to be learned here about celebrity, image, and commerce.

3 thoughts on “The Tiger Woods Brand/Franchise

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  2. I am a firm believer that in the way you respond to things, is how your problem really is. With that said, Tiger Woods has already made a public apology to his wife on air, and whether it was genuine or not, he and his significant other dealth with this issue in a very mature, non mellodramatic way, that might in time, intrigue people to watch him more, and even respect him since very rarely would any cheating man fess up to his infedilities publicly and lower his “larger than life persona” in front of a million viewers, all to mend his relationship with his wife. That, and many loyal golf viewers would be still able to appreciate his skill and agility in the sport, as opposed to his bedroom.

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