My Gossip Confession in the Chicago Tribune: Human Nature and Our Need for Happy Endings

Ok,  so I like gossip. What I don’t like is watching lives unravel. A contradiction? Maybe.

I do know that I have to stop expecting real human beings to produce fairy-tale endings.

I let loose in the Chicago Tribune today.

2 thoughts on “My Gossip Confession in the Chicago Tribune: Human Nature and Our Need for Happy Endings

  1. Hey Steve,

    I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for writing it. How you be in the Chicago Tribune, I must ask? Seems obtuse. I mean, not really at all obtuse. Never the less, I still ask….

    Look forward to seeing you this semester… we need to talk about stuff!

    -Ghen Zando-Dennis

  2. Well, I hate gossip. I’d rather know what a person accomplishes rather than what goes on in his or her private life. I come from a culture that valued privacy when I was growing up-not so much anymore, of course. Most of my many nieces and nephews work for internet companies and access information even when spending a summer afternoon gathering wild blueberries or hiking through the woods. And they all have opinions on every US politician and movie star!
    That said, I agree that the Edwards’s situation is tragic. You live long enough and you discover that we are all flawed and all make terrible mistakes. But, I’m just old school enough to think that public figures are supposed to act better than us regular folk. I am aware of their situation but do not read the details closely as I am more interested in the public doings than the private details.
    Rgds, Simone Jansson

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