2 thoughts on “Yes There Were Times, I’m Sure You Knew….. When I Bit Off More, Than I Could Chew

  1. As I have never sang karaoke in a bar, I always thought it was supposed to spark toying around with friends and family in a comfortable safe atmosphere. This article shows exactly how to destroy something that is supposed to be a means of fun and relief after long days at the office or school. The ignorance combined with the mentality driven, human nature of fighting (as I know nothing much of the innate culture and ideas of the Philippines) seems to be at odds with the act of singing karaoke. The song sung by one sparked arrogance made others agitated causing a fight, why is it there concern if someone is arrogant? What bearing would arrogance have on there lives that they feel the none persons self arrogance have on there lives? If they feel they are failures in there heart, a song being sung should not be a reason to fight or even kill thus spiraling them further downward.

    • It is amazing how a group that comes together our of solidarity can break down and end up fighting with each other.

      But we do seem to be able to muck up even the most fun kinds of gatherings, don’t we?

      Sometimes I fear that we are never as happy and unified as when we are joined in anger. If that is true, it would also be very, very sad. (See War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges.)

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