3 thoughts on “Boy, 11, Left Alone

  1. I think it is a sad tragedy that a guardian would leave her child alone,especially if he disabled. I understand that there might have been extenuating circumstances for why the child was left alone but that is not an excuse. I have worked with autistic children and hope to be a mother one day ( not now) and would hope to be more responsible. The senseless fact that a child has lost his life is an unjustifiable offense to all human sensibility.

  2. Along with the comments above me, i might be too extreme to say this, but that is just unforgivable. When you’re a parent, you think twice, once for yourself and once for your child, with the latter coming before the former. It’s absolutely absurd and devastating how people can be so selfish, absentminded, and ignorant to the needs of someone else, let alone their own child, who depends on them 1)due to the age, and 2) due to health.

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