Tweets From the Firing Squad


The pervasiveness of Twitter is no longer a story. But the types of people who use it, and the settings from which they tweet, continues to amaze.

This, I admit, is one I never expected.

I am still thinking about how I feel about the tweet and its circumstances. I don’t, though, have to think about the death penalty, which I oppose on every ground that some use to support it.

In fact, the absence of an empirically verifiable deterrent effect of the death penalty on homicide rates was, I think, lesson #1 or #2  in criminology grad school. I don’t know if it was before or after the lesson about the extent to  which the mass media distorts what actual statistics tell us about the frequency and  characteristics of specific types of  crime.

2 thoughts on “Tweets From the Firing Squad

  1. I can not believe that people actually have the right to decide who dies. Maybe its my religious side to things but how is it ok for people to judge who lives or not. I could have sworn that was God’s job and not ours.

  2. It is an interesting phenomenon that we become so accustomed to instant information that the entire communication industry has adopted various social media to convey their messages. It started out as a social gossip self-centric sharing of info but has now shifted to being adopted by various businesses to promote their agenda. The attorney general used twitter to promote his agenda. He is just one example. The magazine I work for uses twitter as a means to stay in contact with our customer base, apprising them of latest events, trends, or articles of interest. Shakespeare said, “Don’t kill the messenger”. In this case, it’s “don’t kill the means of the message”.

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