Great Songs in Film #9: I’m Shipping Up To Boston – The Dropkick Murphys From Martin Scorsese’s The Departed (2006)

No one is going to use the  term “cutting-edge” to describe a  guy whose list of great songs in films includes a couple Judy Garlands, one Georges Guétary, and  Anton Karas.

In fact, I have always been embarrassingly far from the edge, having — for example — taken 47 years to fully appreciate Jimi Hendrix,  50  years to get into Georges Guétary, 60 years to “discover ” Eddie Cantor, and a full 38 years to become a Ramones fan.

Mr. Cool.

But for about two years, I have been mulling over the possibility that a more recent group of musicians might have snuck past everyone  else and seized a place near the very top of the “song in film” heap.

And so I now add #9 to the “Great Songs in Film” list, the mind-bogglingly exciting and “defibrillator required in the auditorium” Dropkick Murphys, whose song I’m Shipping Up to Boston is the soundtrack for an early, explosive sequence in Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece “The Departed.”

Film met song and song met film and the result was perhaps one of the 2 – 3 most exciting sequences I have seen in any film at any time. In fact, I retired  the already trite phrase “heart-pounding” as having been so fully realized that it never required re-use.

I am sharing the trailer and the Dropkick Murphy music video. You’ll need to see the film for the actual sequence.

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