First on the Internet: CNN Jumps the Gun or Gets It Right?

This email just arrived, and it came before any other news outlet felt certain enough to confirm a rumored arrest.

CNN apparently feels comfortable.  Now we’ll see if they  — as they have been known to do on multiple occasions — jumped the gun or if I (and I will do this) have to eat the paper print-out of the email as penance for wrongfully suspecting their accuracy.

The fact that they have added “source tells” shouldn’t ever fool anyone. This is their attempt to be first on the Internet and I’ll be surprized, happy, and definitely have a little bit of indigestion if they are right.

I will video and post my eating the email if they turn out to hgave gotten this news precisely right!

See you at 5:00PM for the daily Wolf Blitzer exercize in hyper-ventialtion and hyper-urgency.


CNN Breaking News



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