Hulu: Graveyard of Astoundingly Bad Feature Films

Have you ever perused the feature films available for viewing on Hulu? I understand the economics that precludes quality product from showing up as freebies. But the available films look like someone was given the specific assignment of finding the worst films possible.

In fact, it is such a perfectly putrid list of films that only an expert with exquisite taste could compile it. You would have to be so knowledgeable that you could authoritatively and instantly reject any film with even a few seconds of redeeming quality.

I only mention this because I saw a rumor in the trades that ad-supported Hulu was contemplating a pay-wall.  I can hear all of you pulling out your credit cards.

But I say let a thousand flowers bloom.  If you succeed, guys, I’m buying the rights to Ishtar and Waterworld  for national theatrical release.