We Are Their Witnesses




I am speechless. I am crying.  I never thought I would see it. 

The names  of ghosts are overwhelming me,  people who did not live to see this day.

 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mose Wright,  James Chaney,  Andrew  Goodman, Michael Schwerner,  Robert Gorelick,, Robert Gilleece,   Elizabeth Gorelick, Harold Gorelick,  Abraham Minkus, Libby Minkus,  Barbara  Lombardo, Gregory Hines,  Langston  Hughes,  Zora Neale Hurston,  John Duvanich, Eva  Rubin,   Paul  Robeson, Tom  Bradley, Burke  Marshall, Malcolm,  Abraham Joshua Heschel.

I can’t think of anything else:  Those who aren’t here.

We are their witnesses.