I Have Heard From One of the “Soldiers of the Selfish Revolution”©

I just received this comment and wanted to share it and my response with you.  Someone was trying to be amusing, and even if it is clear that comedy isn’t in his future,  he does reveal the carricature of the lazy uninsured that the “soldiers of the selfish revolution”© are trying to promote.

Comment: “I agree, I smoke and over eat, I am way overweight and I just found out I have diabetes. It’s only fair rich healthy people should pay for my health care. I have the freedom to abuse myself thats being a good american. I should nit be punished with higher insurance cost just becouse I love life.”

My Response: You’ re hilarious. And with a little work on spelling and grammar you could be a real comedian.

For now I can only say that your silliness is actually very useful.

Because I have never read a more perfect description of the stereotype of the uninsured that the soldiers of the selfish revolution© would like you to believe. The picture of the uninsured that they promote is full of fat, lazy, self-destructive gluttons who want us “good people” to fund their debauchery. What pathetic nonsense. Do you really buy this?

Come to New York City and I’ll take you to some children’s health clinics and introduce you to some of these creeps. Together we’ll look for the slobs, the drunks, and the smokers. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you about your inevitable disappointment when all we find are uninsured children choking from asthma, unisured parents unable to afford life-saving medications, and kids who go to emergency rooms for an infection of some sort but who are then diagnosed with malnutrition. Really lazy creeps, huh?

By the way, you are sort of right about one thing. Our premiums are higher because of the unhealthy lifestyles people embrace. But you are looking in the wrong place: If you really want to find the overeating, drinking, and smoking, come out to the burbs and I’ll take you on a trip you’ll never forget. We’ve got eaters and drinkers and smokers by the bushel. But I warn you: They virtually all have great health insurance and big houses and big appetites and, yes, your premium is higher to partially subsidize their irresponsibility.