Great Songs in Films #1: Dear Mr. Gable, You Made Me Love You, in Broadway Melody of 1938

I deal with enough difficult topics on Media and Mayhem that, to keep myself sane, I occasionally come up  little features that are fun, all fun, and nothing but fun. Today I will start to occasionally share some of my favorite complete songs sung in films.

Warning: Very few of the songs come from musicals, but from films in which a full song with lyrics had a legitimate place in a script and moved a story forward.

My first choice is one of  my favorites,  maybe my favorite of all. “You Made Me Love You,” written for the musical The Honeymoon Express in 1913 by Jimmy Monaco and Joseph McCarthy. Judy Garland sings it to a photo of Clark Gable  in Roy Del Ruth’s film, Broadway Melody of 1938. (MGM, 1937).