5 thoughts on “Where There is Tragedy and Overwhelming Sadness, There Are Usually Loony-Tunes Ready To Exploit It

  1. Reminds me of good old David Duke and his “New Orleans is a cesspool of Fags” speech after Katrina. Media and Mayhem is right!

  2. Pat Robertson claimed Katrina was God’s omen, punishment for the United States’ abortion policy. In 2001, along with Jerry Falwell, he said immorality and anti-Christian groups should share in the blame for the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America.

    His timing is impeccable. Pat Robertson again manages to open his mouth and insert his foot – deeply – during yet another opportune tragedy – and at the expense of the suffering, earthquake-ravaged Haitians.

    If anyone has made a pact with the Devil, it was Pat Robertson.

  3. I listened to him speak and I started to cringe… at the same time I felt very bad for the young lady who was going to be included in the photograph as well as the video around the world with this statement.

  4. I feel the main problem with natural disasters is that people often associate them with God’s punishment to humanity, regardless of what that humanity did. Just like you can’t have a celebrity be a good sportsman is the same way you can’t have God and nature be one. I don’t think in a time of crisis such as this one, is an appropriate period to point fingers at who is to blame or who God is trying to punish. And i think the way this reporter was saying “napoleon or whatever,” is a poor way of speaking about something so sensitive and dramatic in these countries. I would hate to be a survivor in the DR or Haiti and be watching telecasters say that God was trying to punish us. If anything, we should be looking at God as hope, not as an existentialist who dooms us of our own omen, if we are speaking of him in that context.

    • God doesn’t punish-ever. Anyone calling themselves Christian that understands their faith would never say God punishes. Sometimes God might allow something to happen to teach people a lesson. To open their eyes. To bring them closer to HIM. (God). We are His children. Like a parent sometimes children need to to learn the hard way from their mistakes.

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