The Wonderful, Absolutely Unforgettable Ronettes


Ronnie Spector

Someday I want to try and explain this Ronettes thing.  Seriously. 

For ow, all I can tell you is that, many, many years ago in my adolescence, they overwhelmed and transformed everything I thought I knew about music and excitement.    

The performance below is particularly thrilling because- as far as I know – it is the only time that the wall of sound was so elaborately created by a live orchestra. The genius of conductor and arranger Paul Shaffer is on full and glorious display. 

The wonderful Ronnie Spector is — as always — luminous.  What a  thrill to see Nedra Talley. And a reminder that we will never, ever  forget Estelle Bennet. 

If it’s not your thing, skip to 6:38 for the incredible solo drum introduction to Ronnie’s extraordinary renditon of  “Be My Baby.” 

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