Please, Please Tell Me No One Will Watch This!


I have always tried to be realistic when it comes to the weird topics that attract large audiences.  Some topics that are easy to dismiss as disgusting and sensational really do speak to some of our most basic fears and anxieties. In all their sleaziness, they can connect to basic aspects of what it means to be a human being.

Stories of violence, infidelity, and disaster have grabbed our attention since antiquity, and I have always thought it futile to deny these fascinations or to suggest that we pay less attention.  We are going to pay attention.

Having said that, this morning I read about an upcoming broadcast that will almost certainly set some unofficial record for pathetic pandering and shameless sensationalism. We are talking about nonsense of the highest order.

Will anyone watch this? Of course. And that fact alone gives me a feeling someplace between the discomfort of indigestion and a minor traffic accident.