They Found The Balloon Kid

They found him. He was at home the whole time.

Let’s cut to the chase. I was a difficult little kid. But I am absolutely sure that my Mom would agree I never did anything like this.

I mean, how do you calculate the appropriate length of time to ground a kid when the offense is nothing less than scaring millions of people and mobilizing legions of rescuers? Life grounding without parole? Trying a juvenile “hider-in-a-box” as an adult?

And how much, if any, blame do you assign to the parents?

I don’t know, I don’t care,  and I am finished with this topic

What a day.

Boy Floats Away in Balloon; Blogger/Professor Comes Undone


One occupational reality of someone who grapples with trauma and its media and cultural  representations is that a moment of terror — I mean MY terror — is (after the worst of the shock wears off) a chance to learn about, not only myself, but about what makes terror.

I don’t want to imply that I come quickly to clinical distance. I am fully capable of feeling terror and trauma. I feel it right now and have felt it for the last hour and a half. But I long ago gave up the idea that any amount of intellectual understanding would immunize me from these or any feelings.

Please take a look at the news bulletin above that I received about an hour and a half ago from CNN. I am still shaking.

Perhaps you help me explore what variables came together — everything from the larger social  context to the nature of the story to my own shtick (which of course you don’t know very well) — to give me (and now I read thousands of others) almost unbearably terrifying feelings.

The worst is over, but I am still shaky.

As of 5:25 EST, this was where the story stood.

He Wasnt Inside