Bruce Dern, one of our greatest, most under appreciated actors, may finally get deserved recognition as a leading man

Smile Bruce Dern 1975

What a wonderful, appreciative article in the NY Times about the great Bruce Dern.

A master of his craft, he may finally get the  recognition he deserves.

And if somehow you missed it when it was first released, treat yourself to Michael Ritchie’s masterpiece Smile, and see Bruce Dern as “Big Bob Freelander,”  one of the greatest film performances of the 70s and 80s.

Tell you a secret: If I could only bring one film with me on a month-long camping trip, I’d bring Smile just so I could watch and rewatch Dern as “Big Bob”  pontificate about the American dream, optimism, the value of hazing, positive thinking, the profound importance of beauty pageants, and — yes — Elizabeth Taylor.

Bruce Dern.