Subprimed, a film by Sarah Friedland, Kahil Shkymba, and Joy Nayo Simmons

subprimed photo

There’s joy in Mudville today.

A film, “Subprimed,”  made in our MFA program at Hunter College by students Sarah Friedland, Kahil Shkymba, and Joy Nayo Simmons, under the supervision of Professors Kelly Anderson and Tom Angotti,  is the subject of Jim Dwyer’s column in the New York Times, “Student Filmmakers, Not Ceasing or Desisting.”

Check out the column and read about just what this subprime crisis means for real people, living real lives on the edge, who had a dream of owning a house.  And take a look at those who sought to exploit those dreams, one of whom, Mr. Makhani, is filmed offering the compassionate observation that “If the client is stupid, that’s not my problem…We’re not going to have classes to teach people how to read.”

Here are some clips from this work in progress.

Ah, just knowing that those who would hurt and exploit others are feeling some agita this morning.