To Me He’ll Always Be Wade Gustafson


Harve Presnell died on Tuesday.

Harve was one of the great leading men in musical theatre and musical films.  But thanks to Ethan and Joel Coen,  late in his career he was cast as William H. Macy’s father-in-law,  Wade Gustafson,  in the film Fargo.

His performance was as remarkable as the film. And the scenes he did with Macy were classics.


               Well, you know Stan'll say no
               dice.  That's why you pay him.
               I'm asking you here, Wade.  This
               could work out real good for me
               and Jean and Scotty -


               Jean and Scott never have to worry

Ah, The Joy of Being Terrified by Two Great Actors: Gene Jones and Javier Bardem


A Brilliant Performance

Gene Jones: A Brilliant Performance

Early in the Coen Brother’s No Country for Old Men, Javier Bardem — playing a sadistic killer — faces down a meek, old gas station owner, played brilliantly by Gene Jones.

The result?

One of the best written, acted, and directed scenes of relentless menace that I have ever seen.

Two men in an old gas station.

See this piece in the LA Times about the actor Gene Jones, who in several minutes delivers a brilliant, electrifying performance.